Chelelektu is a single origin coffee hailing from Ethiopia. The name Chelelektu means 'shiny place' in local Gedefa Language and is also the name of the nearby town where the coffee is grown. This single origin is take n to a washing station just out of town which has 17 permanent and 15 temporary workers during peak harvest. This coffee embodies the top qualities you would expect to find from a natural Ethiopian coffee.

Sounds like; The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun

Smells like; A large bunch of flowers on your parents kitchen table which fills the room with amazing floral aromas

Looks like; Ya best mate in the middle of hayfever season, think red, puffy and pollen everywhere!

Tastes like; Big flavours of cherry, cola and milk chocolate with a punch of berry acidity to finish

Feels like; A punch in the arm from ya mate who forgets how strong he is…ouch

BEST SUITED FOR: Filter baby filter!

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