FATHERS DAY SPECIAL - Espresso Machine Tutorial

FATHERS DAY SPECIAL - Espresso Machine Tutorial


Does your Dad have all the gear & no idea?!

Then look no further than our Fathers Day Espresso Machine Tutorial Special!

Give your Dad the gift of some rad coffee making skills so he can show off to all his mates when they come over!

Our Espresso Machine Tutorial is a 45 minute class where your Dad will learn the fundamentals of making a ripper coffee at home!

This is the perfect gift for the Dad who has his machine at home, but can’t seem to consistently produce a bangin’ coffee - after this tutorial he’ll be able to head home and practice his skills for the whole family!

We’ll also email you a certificate that you can pop into a card for Dad!


Duration - 45 minutes

When: Saturday 7th September & Saturday 14th September

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