Phoka Hills

Phoka Hills


Phoka Hills is a single origin from Northern Malawi. This coffee was produced by the Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative union who aim to promote sustainable coffee production and processing. The Cooperative also have a strong emphasis on supporting women through direct remuneration for coffee harvests. This lot is proudly sourced from female producers only.

Sounds like Grace Barbe - Afro-Sega!

Smells like; Those delicious toffee apples you used to buy at the corner deli & eat as a kid  

Looks like; A big family reunion with 20 of your nearest and dearest long lost rellies; The music pumping and enough food to feed everyone for days!

Tastes like; Green apple & toffee with a light to medium body & cola on the finish  

Feels like; A hug from your best mate who's been overseas for a year.   

BEST SUITED FOR: Batch Brew all day everyday!! 

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