Oh Hello…

So you’ve clicked in to see our tea range, perhaps you’re curious why a coffee roaster is flogging tea?! Well, you see tea and coffee go together like peanut butter & jam and we would hate to leave you out simply because you’re a tea drinker (although coffee really is our peanut butter AND jam here at Grouch)

Antipotea is Grouch’s little sister - the organic, angelic, crystal loving and moon phase fanatic little sis.

Antipotea hand blends all of their teas with love & care in their flagship store in East Fremantle. They have a big focus on sustainability & blend their tea in alignment with the moon phases.

We stock a wide range of their tea within the concept store, but you can have a gander on their website to see what they’re all about - there’s nothing Grouchy about Antipotea - it’s all peace, love & smudge sticks.

Happy tea drinkin’